If you are a Service Provider and are looking for support in transforming your infrastructure, your OSS/BSS, your operations, your organization or your business model, we offer you services to cover your needs, leveraging proven methodology to support your journey to uncharted territory, i.e.:

  • NFV Architecture: design your vision architecture and set the compass for your journey
  •  Redesign your Operational and organizational processes to take in consideration the Telco and IT fusion: e.g. how to leverage Devops in a telecom environment;
  •  OSS/BSS Architecture design and transformation;
  •  Design your optimal Platform as a Service and migrate your Business Intelligence applications under it.

Temporary Management & Sales Force Support

If you are a technology company, your sales force is bound to position and sell your technology. What is the problem? Your customer are not usually interested in your techonology. They need someone who understands their problems and can provide a solution to them.

We support your salesforce to learn how to leverage your technology to win customer hearts by approaching them with solutions to their problems

We also provide  insight and direct contacts with executives all around Europe in the ICT business.


You want to leverage open source to accelerate your business digitalization?

Are you looking for the most optimized solution to your business problems?

We provide independent advisory services to cover your needs, such as:

  • how to leverage open source to benefit your digital business

  • Scouting for companies that can make your service portfolio truly competitive thru their business intelligence value proposition.